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December 23, 2011 at 3:46pm

These sneakers.

These nikes have been with me for quite some time. They’ve run the streets of my hometown. The streets of my college town. Some streets from Florida to the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship. The’ve run races. They’ve walked cancer walks. They’ve run for the love of the run. They’ve seen me struggle through timed miles and breeze through 5 miles. They’ve run under me practice after practice. They’ve pushed me through years of lacrosse tryouts. They’ve seen me amongst the last, they’ve seen me in first. They’ve seen me make varsity and seen me be put on JV. They’ve seen a lot of time on the sideline and now they’ve seen me work to earn my place on my college team. They’ve seen the inside of many gyms and the grass of many fields. They’ve seen summers through winters, springs and autumns. They’ve run with me out of happiness and they’ve run out of resent. They’ve been through a lot. But they’ve stuck by me through it all.


  1. summertreesatmidnight said: ah i get connected to my kicks too!!
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