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October 19, 2011 at 3:27pm

i suck at keeping up with this.

WELL fall ball is almost over, it ends with our alumni game on sunday, but we had a tournament on saturday, we won 3 games and tied 1, it was awesome, our team looks so good already and we work so well together. Its like when we do something good and feel good about it, we just bounce off that and keep doing awesome things and then we feel so good, its awesome. So someone go caught drinking the day before our tournament so coach ran us yesterday, which i mean, was kind of torture, but if you want a good work out, these sprints are totally something you should do. 

-First, full field sprints.
Restraining line, back
Half, Back
Far restraining, back
End line, Back
-Do this twice 

-Next, (we did it with a partner)
Restraining line and back four times
Half and back eight times
End line and back four times

Half and back
Full Field and Back 

With team, Four times around field, indian run